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Available on July 10, 2019
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This is a newly-defined 'escape' and 'kill'.

The cowards choose to run away but you, as a werewolf, choose to fight against the tough time!

To live or to die, you can’t just stay there and do nothing;

Don’t Even Think is a survival game with the core of multilateral asymmetric confrontation. Players will experience a strong tension from the pressure of survival, as well as the newly-defined 'escape' and 'kill'. When being involved in a tight game, it is absolutely never wise to fight alone. Proper cooperation always create unexpected results. Collecting information, analyzing and implementing strategy is also the key to be a winner.

Developer Beijing Perfect World Games /
Dark Horse Studio
Publisher Beijing Perfect World Games/Dark Horse Studio
Genre Battle Royale, TPS, Asymmetric Survival
Players Multi-Player Online
Release Date July 10, 2019
Platforms PS4
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